Cool Coats

Cool Coats are made of a special absorbent material designed to keep your dogs dry and cool. Cool Coats will keep your dog cooler longer than terry cloth coats, won't weigh your dog down like coats with crystal fillers and will not leave your dog wet. They are machine washable, durable and easy to care for. A great investment for those hot days of summer. Cool Coats are must for show and competition dogs! Your companion pet will love them too!

To use the Cool Coats, simply submerge in ice water or cold water right from the tap, wring out the excess water and put the coat on your dog, securing it with the handy velcro straps. You can easily refresh the Cool Coat by repeating this process or sprizting with a spray bottle. For ease of use when traveling, pre-soak the Cool Coat, place in a ziplock bag and keep in the cooler for later use.

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Cool Coat and Cool Pad Colors Available:


Cool Pads

Myde Cool Crate Pads are made of a special absorbent material designed to keep your dogs dry and cool. One side of the Cool Pad is our special absorbent material and the other side is 100% cotton in fun colorful prints.

To use the Cool Crate Pad, fill the channels with ice packs or ziplocks filled with ice and secure with the handy velcro straps. Cool Pads are unique in that they have evenly distributed velcro enclosed channels to insert ice or ice packs that allow a uniform cool temperature for your dog during the hot days of summer.

Myde Cool Pads are a must for dog shows, while your dog travels crated in your car, box van or motorhome. Cool Pads are available to fit Vari-Kennels, any General crate, including wire crates. If you need a special size other than what we have offered, please let us know, we can provide you with a custom fit for any crate size. Send us an e-mail with the inside dimensions of the crate, and we will be glad to provide you with a quote.

Myde Cool Pads are machine washable, durable and easy to care for. As with any crate pad, they are NOT indestructable. Not recommended for the chewing or digging dog.

A great investment for any dog owner. Treat your dog extra special this summer with a Myde Cool Crate Pad! He'll be glad you did.

Suprise a dog loving friend or your handler with a Myde Cool Coat or Crate Pad for their 4 legged pals. We'll ship them anywhere. You'll wonder how you ever got along without our Cool Products!

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