Hot weather is no longer a problem for your dogs with our Cool Coats and Cool Pads. Our Cool Coats help absorb your dogs excess body heat so your dog can play or work more comfortably in hot weather. Cool Coats are made of a soft absorbent comfortable fabric that pulls the heat from your dogs body and promotes evaporative cooling. From family companions to competing show dogs, Cool Coats will keep your dog cool and comfortable during any activity. Simply soak the vest in cool water, ring it out and put it on your dog to provide cooling relief from the heat. Add a Cool Pad to your dogs crate to assist in cool downs after workouts.

Our Cool Coats are made to order for a custom fit that provides optimum comfort and freedom of movement to allow for normal activities without henderance. Cool Coats and Cool Pads give your dog that "air-conditioned" feeling!

Because Cool Coats are made to the specific measurements of your dog they are not made until your order is placed to assure a proper fit. Please allow2-3 weeks for delivery.

Special Orders available to Breed Clubs for Specialty events, door prizes, raffles, auctions and more!

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  • Custom Fit comfort
  • Activates with cool water
  • Protects against heat stress
  • Provides instant cool relief
  • Provides cool down after activity
  • Durable Quality Construction
  • Attractive Colors
  • Easy Care Instructions

Order yours today - your dog will love you for it!

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